Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Getting started

I'm one of those people who never has enough time. I always feel too busy. But I know there are people who have much more to do than me and who seem to remain calm and cheerful. They get things done when I don't.

It isn't that I'm without ability. I hold a reasonably senior post in the organisation I work for (who that is might emerge later) and I haven't been resposible for too many disasters. My problem is that I work in chaos, and it has to stop.

I've been recommended to read Getting Things Done by David Allen more than one occasion, so the other day I bought a copy. What I've read so far makes sense, but I realize that reading alone won't do me any good. I've got to do it.

This blog will be a travelogue of my journey from where I am to what I trust will be a happier, more organized, place. I'm blogging this journey because I don't want to talk about it -- I've tried and failed too many times before -- but I need the accountability that comes from sharing.

Walk with me?


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